• Image of Jelly Bones Enamel Pin Badges

Jelly Beans are actually the harvested kidneys of Gummy Bears and as such are delicious. Even the disgusting ones like liquorice are delicious. I imagine those bears regret signing the organ donor paperwork as they're systematically run down the moment they step outside the gummy factory. Still, one man's loss is another's gain. Gain by the fist full.

To savour singularly or masticate together in an unholy cocktail before doing gravity defying laps of the room that end in a seizure, we have 5 new flavours: Dour Cherry, Aprisnot, Bubble Glum, Colaaargh and Lemourn & Lime. Just 15 of each have been procured from the surgeon's table, each are around 2cm wide hard enamel beauts that have SCREENPRINTED light reflections on them. Fancy pants.