• Image of Ghoulato

Is that a triple scoop of exquisite frozen dessert made with the finest ingredients that you're feasting on like a starved pig? Churned to rich and dense perfection by an Italian artisan? Or is it a cheap wafer cone filled with the conjured up remnants of three fallen warriors from the Nether Realm by that poor nerdy neighbour you bullied? Either way you get rewarded. With sweet delight or sweet revenge.

They're small (unless you hold them really close to your eyes), around 30mm tall, I'd say. Each has been constructed (by men and women I'll never meet) out of the finest nickel and hard enamels, number but 70 pieces and will NEVER be remade. To finish off this cake, a custom backing card has been attached to the back using the hands of me, Mr. Biscuits (whom I've met too many times).

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